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Videnton Review

Brief Introduction about Videnton

Explainer cartoon style video is the working one you may want to have a try. As you know, people love watching something that they feel it's easy and simple to understand, that's why they need that similar type of video.

Thanks to the hotness of explainer video, we have seen tons of applications in the market and in this category. We have no doubt that Powtoon and Vyond are the best, after that, we have Create Studio as the true beast. And we have also tried other tools such as Toonly, Vidtoon and Animation Studio, which are all at low one time price. Today, we post this Videnton review article to show you a lifetime price video app.

Before you buy Videnton

If you are anyone from the list below, please do not buy a subscription to this app anyway because i'm sure that it's not for someone likes you:

  • You think you can charge $3,000 per video as the product creator claims on the salespage without brand/reputation
  • You are a non-action taker, in fact, you don't have a plan how to use and make these videos for profits
  • You immediately call product creator is a scam when you see a tons of upsells
  • A spammer, a faker who just seek for cracked, nulled and unauthorised licenses tool

Main Features and Benefits using Videnton

There's a lot benefits you get today with the subscription with Videnton, including:

  • Easy drag & drop video editor (in fact, it's the explaindio builder)
  • Tons of animated templates to be inserted (they look like illustration, the one we've seen many times with FB Ads)
  • Create unlimited video slides without limitation (so, the video duration should be as length as you want)
  • Tons of animation elements for text, image

Is There Alternatives?

The app is not unique and it definitely has some alternation. And they are:

  1. Vyond (the best of this kind)
  2. Powtoon (should be the second)
  3. Create Studio (app from Josh Ratta, now being some of the top sellers)
  4. Toonly (software from Bryxen, the man behind Automatic Script, Doodly and Talkia)
  5. Vidtoon (lowest price app, but still delivered)
  6. Animation Studio (an app from Paul Ponna)

Final Verdict

After posting this Videnton review, i hope that you have understand the real value from it. And to be honest, i love this app and i would like to recommend this tool for anyone. Of course, Andrew Darius is the real man who has delivered multiple video apps that work.

Official Link:

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